Official tour trailer 2016 is released

The BASKETBALL AID International Tour 2016, in cooperation with „k22 film & entertainment“, has published the official trailer for the tour next summer. Together with tour chairman Hans Beth, „k22“ project manager Christiane Fernbacher and her team have been in Mainz and Frankfurt, talked to the people behind the tour and asked them to speak about it in detail. Together they visited the children’s cancer ward at the University Hospital Mainz and spoke with Prof. Dr. Jörg Faber and therapists to discuss how to use the raised money after the tour most effectively.

At another appointment in Frankfurt, during a game between the first league teams Frankfurt Fraport Skyliners and Walter Tigers Tübingen, together with Bernd Kater, CFO of the “Basketball Aid e.V.” charity, contact has been made to potential opponents of the College Team. Support has been raised all around, among others by Danilo Barthel, current German national team player.

The BASKETBALL AID International tour is planning to give a one-time experience to a selected american college: as a global ambassador for basketball, their university, the german-american friendship and supporter for the charity „Basketball Aid e.V.“ to support children with cancer, they are supposed to travel around Germany and Europe for two weeks. Right now, discussions are being held with a number of Div. 1 colleges. Several universities have shown interest to participate next summer already. Right now, it is up to Beth and his tour committee to find the right team from the ones that have raised interest to participate. For the American College, the opponents from the first and second German league will be a tough test before the start of the new season and a chance to promote their program more internationally.