KoszykowkaKobiet.pl – polish women’s basketball

KoszykowkaKobiet.pl - polish women's basketball

The Website ‘KoszykowkaKobiet.pl’ exists since 2010 and with each year it has established itself among basketball enthusiasts and regular readers. KoszykowkaKobiet.pl is the only polish website dedicated only to women’s basketball.

Currently, as media partner, KoszykowkaKobiet.pl is working with the top teams of the Polish League (BLK) and the Euroleague Women participants – Wisla Can-Pack Krakow and Energa Toruń, as well as other teams fromt the BLK: Basket Gdynia, CCC Polkowice, Ślęza Wroclaw, Basket ROW Rybnik and teams from the lower divisions of classes which are fighting for promotion to the Premier League: AZS US Katowice. In the upcoming season of 2014-2015 KoszykowkaKobiet.pl is going to work with all teams from the Baskets Women’s League.

For more informaiton go directly to KoszykowkaKobiet.pl.