Göteborg Basketball Festival
Datum/Zeit - 05.05.2016 - 08.05.2016 | Veranstaltungsort - Gothia Arena, Västra Frölunda

Göteborg Basketball Festival! Europe’s largest youth tournament in basketball.

During the Festival of 2015, 431 teams participated and 1080 games were played in 25 different halls. We opened up a new age-group – 20+. This group was highly appreciated – both by the teams that participated in the group and the rest of us who had the opportunity to watch real fun basketball games. The teams were filled with current and former national team and league players.

We had a spectacular All-Star evening Lisebergshallen with a DUNK show, rarely (if ever) seen in Sweden.

Now we have started to plan for the Festival of 2016. We will continue with a 20+ age-group and will expand the concept with a new age group of 40+, only on the men’s side. The All-Star evening 2016 is on its way – to become even more Awesome and absolutely Incomparable.

Website: http://www.basketballfestival.se/.